Jane Austen Society of North America

North Texas Region


“I can now write at leisure & make the most of my subjects”

                                                    J. Austen

Welcome to our website where you can find information pertinent to the North Texas Region of JASNA. We have a vibrant, active chapter with members from diverse educational and cultural backgrounds united by our common interest in everything Jane Austen.  

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              Dr. Joyce Tarpley named

                    JASNA - 2015-2016

                    Traveling Lecturer


2015 Calendar of Events

9/6/15 - Jane Austen Book Club

Fort Worth group will also read and discuss“As If!:  The Oral History of Clueless” - A perfect way to spend your Labor Day weekend......polaroids of your closet are optional.

9/13/15 - Fall Meeting - Hackberry Creek Country Club

Learn "How to speak with a British accent”  with dialect coach Yvonne C. Vautier-DeLay

and hear Professor Patricia Michaelson “Speaking Volumes:  Women and Speech in the Novels of Jane Austen"

12/5/15 - Jane Austen Birthday Luncheon - Historic Ashton Hotel  Patrick Stokes “Chapters in the Life of the Austen Family”

Upcoming Jane Austen Book Club

1/10/16 -  Dallas, Emma Vol 1

1/24/16 -  FW, Emma Vol 1


Interested in attending a meeting? 

Contact Susan Jelen at sjelen3@gmail.com